ABIDE â€”Animal ABidings: recoverIng from DisastErs in more-than-human communities, is a research project funded by the European Research Council (ERC) through a Consolidator Grant (ID 101043231) granted to VerĂ³nica Policarpo.

What can we learn from animals about how to recover from disasters, in particular catastrophic wildfires? ABIDE aspires to reimagine ways of paying attention to the experiences of animals in disasters, and then translate their stories. In the end, it aims to include their perspectives in current modes of knowing and governing disasters.

ABIDE  departs from the current context of acute climate crisis, which sets the stage for Dantesque scenarios of impending climate-driven disasters such as wildfires, floods, tornados and hurricanes, with related extensive loss of both human and nonhuman lives, liveable dwellings and species extinction.

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